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  • Fitchburg State University - Faculty/Staff Housing 164-168 Highland Ave
    Project Number: FIT-0902-21
    Date due: Aug. 24, 2022 - 02:00 PM
    Fitchburg State University owns a 9-unit multi-family house (8640 sf) located at 164-168 Highland Avenue
    in Fitchburg, a few short blocks from the main campus. This project involves the acquisition of this
    property by MSCBA and the renovations to the building to create new faculty/staff apartments. Interior
    renovations include all new finishes, bathrooms, kitchens, MEPFP systems and equipment. Exterior
    renovations include an entirely renovated building envelope, windows, siding and roof, and replacement
    of decorative molding and trim. Sitework encompasses new landscaping, entry walkway, driveway and
    off-street parking. This project will follow Chapter 193 procedures.

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