Current Projects

Massachusetts Maritime Academy
Companies 1-6 Renovations
Project Number: MMA-0916-21
Completion date: Summer, 2021
Status: Construction
Architect: Prellwitz Chilinski Associates
Construction Manager: Bond Bros.
Owner's Project Manager: WayointKLA
Project Manager: Paul Forgione

The Project is the phased renewal and adaptive renovations of the Companies 1-6 cadet housing at
Massachusetts Maritime Academy (the “Project”). A 6 year capital plan was developed to expand on
previous renovations completed at the Academy in 2015. The project team will refine overall plan based
on a reduced program of $20.3 TPC while preparing documents for the first phase of construction to
begin in May of 2021. Planned renovations will include Cadet bedroom flooring, perimeter baseboard
and distribution piping replacement, corridor finish upgrades including resilient flooring, acoustic ceiling
and lighting, painting of corridor and bedroom walls. Additional renovations will be considered as the
budget allows.

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