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Massachusetts Maritime Academy
Main Ladder Well Renovations
Project Number: MMA-0908-20
Completion date: March, 2021
Status: Construction
Architect: Prellwitz Chilinski Associates
Construction Manager: Collins Construction
Owner's Project Manager: WayointKLA
Project Manager: Paul Forgione

Following the completion of the 2020 study phase to determine Company 1-6 renovation plans for
Summer 2020, the Project Team is moving forward with renovations to improve and renovate the main
ladder well located between Company 1 and 2. Work includes the planning and construction of new
stainless steel handrails along with ladder well/stairwell painting and the added wall graphics that will
carry from the 00 deck to the 04 deck. Graphics to depict a chart of the Cape Cod Canal and areas
around the campus. Construction planned for completion by March of 2021.

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