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Fitchburg State University
Athletic Fields Turf Replacement
Project Number: FIT-0923-21
Status: Construction
Architect: Activitas
Construction Manager: TBD
Owner's Project Manager: MSCBA
Project Manager: Leigh Warren

Elliot Field at Fitchburg State University is home to the University’s football, soccer, and field hockey
teams. Artificial turf was installed at the field in 2005 and is now past its useful life. Adjacent to Elliot
Field, the Michael P. Riccards Field is the University’s natural grass baseball field. This project seeks to
replace the turf at Elliot Field and install new artificial turf at the Michael P. Riccards field. The schedule
anticipates construction occurring during the Summer of 2022 but is subject to change dependent on
the availability of funding. This project will follow the requirements set forth in M.G.L. Chapter 30.

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